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Are you tired of looking all over the internet for reputable jewelers? Has your search online and out to the stores tired you out? Well you have found the right place to solve your jewelry searching problems and to fulfill your shopping needs. At the ID Jewelry Blog here you will get useful information on products, to gift-giving ideas, to cleaning and up-keeping, and more. The ID Jewelry blog is here as a center for innovative ideas and suggestions– helping you to make informed decisions about your purchases and to enhance your overall experience.

ID Jewelry, LLC, founded in 1986 in the New York Diamond District, has grown since its creation and has expanded online to serve not only the local area but the USA and international markets. At you can find a wide selection of diamond-cut jewelry, engagement rings, and other fine jewelry from diamond district jewelers.

The diamonds they sell are of the finest quality and certified by some of the most respected grading laboratories in the industry, not to mention the store is a member of the US Diamond Dealers Club and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

At ID Jewelry you are also guaranteed the highest quality customer service and satisfaction rate– something that is held very near and dear to the company mission statement. So, following in that tradition feel free to browse this blog snd learn more about the products and services offered, share ideas, and learn about the different types of jewelry available and jewelry care.


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Posted on: Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 at 12:15 am